How much are the prostitutes in Mazatlan?

Mexican prostitutes are recognized as being among the best international intimate industry representatives. That’s why every sex-tourist with self-respect should dedicate at least one vacation to getting to know them closer. Even years ago, when the erotic segment wasn’t legalized yet in Mexico, thousands of young men were visiting the country to discover new aspects of sensual pleasures. But after the legalization the flow of sexually-interested males eager to spend each night with a new Latina girl became permanent. Those tourists are particularly impressed by attractive and skillful prostitutes in Mazatlan – a popular Mexican resort on the Pacific coast.

What kind of cuties can be found in Mazatlan?
The intimate service market in all tourist centers is very varied, and an inexperienced user usually becomes puzzled and feels at a loss meeting for the first time the local beauties. That’s why the analysts of the internet portal have made an approximate classification of Mazatlan call girls according to their price rates and services offered:

  1. Cheap prostitutes of the economy class. These girls work in the town outskirts nearby the residential quarters, pleasing their clients in motels, inexpensive apartments and right in the streets. They offer sex in 3-4 standard positions and anal or oral pleasures for extra pay. So, hardly can they be expected to demonstrate erotic excellence or rare skills. The price per hour fluctuates within 400-800 pesos, which corresponds to 20-40 US dollars. Knowledgeable people advise to stay away from cheap prostitutes because they don’t take care of their own health and have contacts with the local criminal groups.
  2. Intermediate price class professionals. There are always attractive girls working at popular clubs, big hotels and tourist centers, as well as at the local bordellos, paying the establishments an interest from their earnings. These professionals are more beautiful than those from the cheap price class. They are also better-groomed and more skillful, their health condition being controlled by the management of the resorts and hotels, permitting them to work on their territories. Their prices fluctuate within 100-250 pesos (50-120 dollars) depending on the status of the place. For instance, the bordello babes charge more than those from hotels, and the girls from dating sites, such as are more approachable than those from nightclubs.
  3. Escort agencies. An escort girl is a VIP category of the intimate industry and only very competent and well-mannered professionals with a model type appearance can be admitted to this level. The price charged by a skillful escort girl per hour starts at 400 pesos, which corresponds to 200 dollars, but top girls can cost their clients 2-3 times as much. But they are worth it because well-off men can appear with a VIP prostitute even in high society because these ladies always look and behave their best and emphasize the status of their clients.

According to the statistical analysis, the sex priestesses found via the internet are safer and more reliable than those picked up in the streets. That’s why men should put more responsibility into their own safety and be more careful when choosing sex professionals.

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